The Armageddon is a new monster location with a lot of entirely diffrent buildings and diffrent resources the majority of things are based on real military (especially the towers) the first 2 towers LEGITIMATELY exist in rl as are the resources this is the first actual area to have an actual page :D and the first to have a level 2,3 and 4 monster .

Resource BuildingsEdit

bricks = pebbles

logs = twigs

weapons = goo

research = putty

bricks = brick factory

logs = wood chipper

weapons = weapon factory

research = research lab

everything is cheaper but resource production is lower, roughly 10%-20% less per hour than normal

New BuildingsEdit

Armageddon Core the town hall basically...

Stronghold: very strong, very big but very expensive , has 4 mini turrets on each corner and has room for 1 small building (e.g resource maker or even another tower)

artillery: the armageddon equivilent of the catapult

Barricades the armageddon equivilent of walls

armageddon housing: basicly monster housing

War Factory the armageddon monster maker

Armageddon Amplifier Improves Armageddon monsters


Hydra Rockets epic

50 cal nest

Ender Wave

Air Striker

AA Oblitorator


These are usable in most areas but are unlocked/made with The Armageddon resources




War Machine

Armored Hell


Blood Thirst

Magma Core