basically a MEGA turret exept you only get one of these and it takes up a lot of room, on each corner it has somewhat Buildible turret spaces and it has walls that are seemingly 2 log fences stacked ontop of eachother and in the middle is actually a buildable space with enough room for a resouce maker or another turret, after a upgrade the walls become concrete, the next one is reinforced concrete, then steel, reinforced steel, obsidian , reinforced obsidian and finally red diamond giving it 8 upgrades and on the 6th upgrade the side turrets become Stronger,on the 7th upgrade the side turrets become 1x2 mini hydra missles and on the 8th and final (also VERY pricy) they each become Even MORE powerful launchers so some nice firepower and defence, also its REINFORCED red diamond although upgrading this thing is extreamly expensive and time using but you can only do it with The Armageddon resources and if you need to know what log fences and red diamond is see Barricades