Armored hell 100%

final stage

Armored hell 20%

4th stage

Armored hell 40%


Armored hell 60%


Armored hell 80%

1st stage of damaged armor

Armored hell

obtained at The Armageddon this thing resists 100% damage but as it takes damage its armor cracks, and it goes down to 80% as it takes more damage it cracks and damages more and more until it goes down to 60% 40% 20% and down to 5% and then its easy to kill

health: 2500

damage: 200

speed: slow, but gets quicker as the armor breaks

armor: 100% untill it starts takin damage

although it can still attack as normal with its armor on EXTREAMLY good at clearing mines as if their fresh off the flinger then it will take little to no damage

cost: 200,000 bricks, 200,000 weapons (or 400,000 research to unlock)