Apochalypse 3

as it grows it basicly gets bigger spikes, bigger teeth and gains new feats to make it look cooler

A very small monster but as it destroys (and kills other monsters) it gets stronger, bigger, faster and deadlyer eventually if it can destroy a good amount then it will deal massive damage so if your facing one of these you want to take it down FAST before it outmatches your defences, although this thing takes up a large amount of space and a lot of resources it uses 350 space and 1m of EACH resource (and 2m goo) (5m research to unlock) although its worth it because if it breaks a few things it will be FAR more dangerous and this is only obtainable in The Armageddon but usable in most areas.

health 4000
damage 200
speed 1.3
flying no
damage reduction (armor


AFTER ROUGHLY 4 LEVEL 8-10 RESOURCE MAKERS (if it destroyed them solo)


damage 2200
speed 2.2
flying yes
damage reduction (armor) 20%